Get Help

Family Promise of NewRock is here to help families who are homeless and have children. Our goal is to provide their basic needs for 30-120 days while they work and save 50-80% of their income towards future housing.

We are NOT an “emergency shelter”. We cannot intake a family on the same day of an inquiry call as we are a transitional housing program.

Families wishing to use our free services:

  1. Must have children in their custody. (They must be able to join you in the program)
  2. May not be using drugs (we drug screen).
  3. May not have felony records (we background check).
  4. Adults in family must be able and willing to be employed.
  5. May not be pregnant.

Families should have some recent history (in last 2 years) of some steady independent housing, and employment history.

Families in need should call us at 770-262-7816 to discuss their situation.