Program Expectations

Family Promise guests are given a clear list of guidelines that must be followed to remain in the program.  Some examples of the guidelines are as follows:

  1. Applicant adults without employment will be expected to obtain a job within 30 days of placement into the Family Promise of NewRock. Not being employed after 30-40 days is grounds for dismissal from the program.
  2. Guests must make 7-10 job contacts per week. (If not employed)
  3. Guests must make 3-5 housing contacts weekly.
  4. Guests must work on achieving other goals on the Family Promise of NewRock Curriculum
  5. Guests must refrain from taking drugs or alcohol.
  6. Guests must stay in contact with at least one staff member of Family Promise of NewRock.
  7. Guests must turn in weekly paperwork on the required day.